Create a new generation of storytellers
Pass on the language, culture and traditions of Hawai‘i
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Bring Hawai‘i back into your home and help your ‘ohana rediscover what makes our heritage and culture who we are
It's never too late to teach your keiki about their home
Pass on values from a Hawaiian lens
Give your keiki the wisdom and character they need to be a positive influence in the world
Bring Hawai‘i Into 
Your Home
Enjoy indigenous music, song, dance, stories, and chants your entire family can share together
Embrace the Culture You Love
If you’re Hawaiian, from Hawaiʻi, or have always wanted to learn more…everyone is welcome. E komo mai!

Get caught up on our last FREE workshop...
Keiki and Me Lomi lomi with Jeana Naluai

This ‘ohana friendly free workshop focused on teaching keiki how to lomi lomi themselves and others.

Jeana Iwalani Naluai who lead the workshop is a native Hawaiian and a cultural practitioner. She is a physical and massage therapist by trade, teaching Lomi Lomi for the last ten years. Lomi is her lifestyle and she loves to share the Hawaiian healing practices, teachings and values with students from all over the world. She is the owner and founder of Ho’omana Spa, which is tucked away three miles up Piʻiholo Road in Makawao. The spa embraces a long lineage of teachers specializing in traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and related techniques. Ho’omana strives to revive, transform, and heal communities with the energy of Ancient Hawaiian wisdom. 

"Nāwaʻa loves this unique learning experience from home!"

- Michael Rains
"Our whole family takes the course together! We didn’t anticipate the classes would provide us with so much love and strength."
 - Deborah Mader

Why Bring Hawaiian Culture Back?

Whether you grew up dancing hula, speaking ‘ōlelo or enjoyed singing Hawaiian music, many of you, like myself, lost much of our Hawaiian practices at home and in our ‘ohana generations ago.  The Hawaiian culture and language is the piko, the center of who we are, and allows a perspective that is often unexplainable in words.  

At Ka Hale Hoaka, our mission is to create a new generation of storytellers and guardian guided by traditional answers and wisdom. Investing in a strong cultural foundation for your keiki can be the change that you have always in your ‘ohana.  Ka Hale Hoaka offers educational experiences for all ages through a Hawaiian perspective. We aspire to bring culture and values into every home in Hawai‘i and beyond. Together, we will build new leaders grounded in their identity with a firm sense of kuleana to place and community.  

Our curriculum aims to teach youth how to better navigate todayʻs world and although many of our values are shared universally some are unique to our culture.  These loina Hawai‘i or traditional Hawaiian values offer a perspective of life that allows you to view things in a meaningful and holistic way through the eyes of our ancestors.  These values can be applied to anyone, anywhere, in any situation to better navigate our relationships to others and the natural world around us.  Through mo‘olelo, (oral tradition), ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i, (Hawaiian language), hula and oli, (dance & chant), we explore various forms of artistic expression.  Our haumāna (students) develop their communication skills, self confidence, and critical thinking abilities.  You as a makua (parent/ guardian) will also be able to witness or even join in on the process. We founded Ka Hale Hoaka on the belief that ancient wisdom holds the answers to modern day problems, the curriculum is based on the Hawaiian proverb, "I ka wā ma mua, i ka wā ma hope," the future is in our past.  This is the perfect time and opportunity for entire families to rediscover these truths.

“We were amazed at how professional the quality of the learning actually is. The technology was top notch, with the ability for keiki to build relationships with their kumu and one another!”

Ronda Mapuana Hayashi-Simpliciano
Mother and Vice Principal, 
Ānuenue Hawaiian Language Immersion School

Meet your Kumu (Instructor)

Kumu Maile Naehu

Co-founder and Curriculum Designer
I know what it is like to grow up not feeling completely connected to my Hawaiian culture. I would sometimes feel embarrassed and wished I had a stronger understanding of the language, culture and traditions.  The language of my heritage was lost in my ‘ohana generations ago. Right out of high school I had a strong pull to build an understanding and connection with my cultural identity.  In college I immersed myself in my studies and have made learning and educating others about Hawaiian culture my life's work.  

I am a graduate of the first class of Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies at UH Manoa under the mentorship of some of Hawai‘iʻs most respected kumu and professors.  As a Native Hawaiian educator, performer, artist, community organizer, and environmentalist for the past 20 years I have been fortunate to travel throughout the world representing Hawaii for conservation work, performance and indigenous education.  My music and storytelling is also featured in museums both in the U.S. and Aotearoa (New Zealand).

I am a mother of three keiki on the island of Moloka‘i, together with my husband we care for the loko iʻa(fishponds) and create Aloha ‘Āina based learning for Moloka‘i and the larger Hawai‘i community.  Our children are firmly grounded by ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i and philosophies, but like everyone else they were deeply affected when schools closed in March 2020 due to COVID-19.  I needed to pivot and create a fun and engaging online experience for my students on Moloka‘i. Instead of just creating something for the students on Moloka‘i, I decided to create something for all of Hawai‘iʻs keiki - no matter where they are in the world.  

I designed Ka Hale Hoaka to fill a need for enjoyable home-based learning. Its because I want you to be able to say what I did 30 years ago, at the age of 17, when I made the investment in myself. I promised that, my ‘ohana will play a role in breathing life back into our culture.  
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Weʻve designed the Keiki program for families with children ages 5-11 to learn the core of Hawaiian culture and values like Aloha (love), Lōkahi (unity), , Hō‘ihi (respect) and others to help keiki better navigate the world and relationships


Online Videos
16 video classes you can watch anywhere, anytime
Downloadable Worksheets
Practice sheets, handouts & worksheets for review and further learning and enrichment
Parents & Keiki Learning Together
Lessons enjoyable for all ages, we encourage the whole ‘ohana to learn together

Our online Keiki program uses dance, music, and engaging storytelling to pass on timeless Hawaiian wisdom to the whole family through

‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i
(Hawaiian Language)
(Oral traditions)
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"Mahalo nui to Ka Hale Hoaka! The keiki have been engaged and excited to be engrossed in their culture with curriculum that was created in the same place they live with the utmost respect for their ancestors which has been so difficult to find over the years.  Itʻs been a beautiful experience.  This may be the best investment Iʻve made for their education."   

- Chelsie Evans

Join the Keiki Program

The course includes 8 modules with two 30 minute lessons each module, printable worksheets, & standalone video library

(Valued at $1,200)

  • Module 1: Foundational Concepts: Ke Kahua, Pī'āpā, Hakalama, Greetings, Pehea? Pō mahina
  • Module 2: Numbers & Calendars: Nā Helu a me ka 'alemenaka
  • Module 3: What is this / that?: "He sentences. He aha?
  • Module 4: Who is that / this?:"O" sentences. 'O wai?
  • Module 5: Review of Modules 1 - 4: Pehea? , He aha? , 'Ehia? , 'O wai?  
  • Module 6: Descriptive phrases: He wahine nani kēlā & Nani kēlā wahine.
  • Module 7: Simple verb sentences:"E" sentences
  • Module 8: Final Review
  • Bonuses: Private group to connect with our Ka Hale Hoaka Hui; Stand alone video library (Value: $250)
“This is the first time I truly feel proud of myself in embracing ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi because Kumu Maile has made me feel comfortable in being where I’m at and not feel shame that as a Hawaiian I don’t know my own language!"
- Christiane Bolosan-Yee
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