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Our courses provide the platform for optimized learning with an innovative learning environment that meets Hawai'i Common Core and Na Hopena Aʻo standards

The Ka Hale Hoaka team truly lives by the proverb, Kūlia i ka nu’u (strive for excellence). The quality of instruction is simply excellent, and the authenticity of the Hawaiian cultural content will feel familiar to all who have taught in a Hawaiian language immersion setting. This is the perfect curriculum for ‘ohana who want to teach their keiki safely at home in a multi-age setting using Hawai’i-focussed material and Hawaiian cultural content. I cannot recommend it highly enough!
Pua Mendonca
Curriculum coordinator/Lead kumu
Kanu o ka ‘Āina, NCPCS--Ka ‘Ohā (online academy)

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An Enhanced Learning Experience that Meets the 
Students Where They Are

Ka Hale Hoakaʻs interactive learning environment firmly rooted in hawaiian cultural values and perspectives is unlike any other curriculum available.  We have created a variety of assignments for learners of all levels, interactive games allow students to reinforce their skills. The studentʻs learning journey is enriched through writing, analyzing, problem solving, art, music and fun projects to showcase understanding. It offers ʻohana an opportunity to see themselves in the entire learning process so you can learn right along with your keiki.

Meet our Curriculum Designer

Kumu Maile Naehu

Co-founder and Curriculum Designer

I am a graduate of the first class of Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies at UH Manoa under the mentorship of some of Hawai‘iʻs most respected kumu and professors. As a Native Hawaiian educator, performer, artist, community organizer, and environmentalist for the past 20 years I have been fortunate to travel throughout the world representing Hawaii for conservation work, performance and indigenous education. My music and storytelling is also featured in museums both in the U.S. and Aotearoa (New Zealand).

I am a mother of three keiki on the island of Moloka‘i, together with my husband we care for the loko iʻa(fishponds) and create Aloha ‘Āina based learning for Moloka‘i and the larger Hawai‘i community. Our children are firmly grounded by ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i and philosophies, but like everyone else they were deeply affected when schools closed in March 2020 due to COVID-19. I needed to pivot and create a fun and engaging online experience for my students on Moloka‘i. Instead of just creating something for the students on Moloka‘i, I decided to create something for all of Hawai‘iʻs keiki - no matter where they are in the world.

I designed Ka Hale Hoaka to fill a need for enjoyable home-based learning. Its because I want you to be able to say what I did 30 years ago, at the age of 17, when I made the investment in myself. I promised that, my ‘ohana will play a role in breathing life back into our culture.  

Offer your keiki a path to academic success

Course Offerings

Ka Hale Hoaka is making it possible for anyone to learn timeless Hawaiian wisdom and culture....
from the comfort of your own home at your own pace!

Ka Hale Hoaka is an online school of Hawaiian knowledge-based out of an off-the-grid home in the ahupuaʻa of Kūmimi, Molokai. Our Manaʻe location consists of a valley with a perennial stream, a loko kuapā, and a loko umeʻiki. We are currently restoring our poʻowai, ʻauwai, and three loʻi terraces. Our ahupuaʻa access also extends up mauka where we have future reforestation planned. We also have the kuleana to mālama ʻOhalahala fishpond at Kūmimi beach. We have a studio on-site that houses our art supplies and film, sound, and media production equipment. 
Our skilled team consists of Hawaiian cultural practitioners, educators, film and music producers, artists, business professionals, and is composed predominantly of ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi speakers. Ka Hale Hoakaʻs facilities coupled with our accessibility to ʻāina based activities have allowed us a vast spectrum of opportunities to inspire curricula and educational resources and experiences.

Our well-versed, multi-faceted team allows us to extend our outreach beyond Molokaʻi, throughout Hawaiʻi, and beyond. 

We are service learners of all ages who care to build a stronger sense of self and place through aloha ʻāina experiences. Our classes and courses offer universal cultural understandings and values that are deeply rooted in Hawaiian perspectives. Our teachings are deeply rooted in traditional Hawaiian culture, yet embrace the innovative technology of contemporary mediums. As Aloha ʻāina educators we provide a wide variety of ways that we successfully connect Kanaka Maoli and keiki o ka ʻāina to Hawaiʻi. We also nurture a safe learning environment that encourages students to look to elders, ‘ohana, the natural world, and teachers for guidance. 
Papa Hāpu'u

Ages 5 and under

We have created a collection of ready to go resources, lessons and activities for early keiki education! In our waihona or libary you will find ways to introduce 'Ike Hawai'i (Hawaiian knowledge), Hana No'eau (creative projects), Mele and Oli (song and chant), Heluhelu & Mele ( Bi-lingual read alouds with digitized books), introductory 'ōlelo Hawai'i lessons and more! 
Papa Keiki

Grades K - 6

This course includes 16 modules complete with a practice library for oli and mele and a printable workbook.
Papa Pāheona

All Ages

This course includes a series of art projects, fun for keiki of all ages.
Papa Ke Ao Nei

Grades K - 6

Papa Ke Ao Nei is an indigenous Science course that can be used to integrate into existing curriculum or used as a stand alone curriculum.  This course consists of 30 elementary class lessons embedded with Hawai'i common core standards in English, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, and Fine Arts! This course meets Nā Hopena A'o standards. 

Check out a sample lesson

Note: This is an excerpt, a typical lesson is 20 minutes

Papa Kōnane

Grades K - 6

Papa Kōnane is a course designed for grades Kindergarten to sixth grade. It is easily adaptable and can be modified to fit any learning environment. This course is made up of 18 units that serve as a study of various content areas that are seamlessly built into each other. Through a Hawaiian enriched perspective, these subjects are enriched through writing, analyzing, problem solving, art, music and fun projects to showcase understanding. It offers ʻohana an opportunity to see themselves in the entire learning process. By using Cultural expectations, traditions and practices students explore areas touching on identity, place names, habitats, traditional and modern land stewardship, trades and occupations, resource management and conservation, aloha ʻāina and so much more.

Bonus Courses

Hānai Kia'i

Series of parenting tips to support makua and kumu in the process of raising the 
next generation of guardians and storytellers that are firmly rooted in identity and kuleana

Papa Ku'u Kino Kapu - My Sacred Body

a collaboration with the Moloka'i Child Abuse Prevention Center

"I learned right along with my students.  We learned a ton about Hawaiian history, culture, language, way of living traditions.  In each lesson the students get to learn 'Ōlelo No'eau, practice speaking, songs, historical context, artifacts, and art projects.  The units are extremely well thought out and they build towards a meaningful and powerful ho'ike that letʻs the kids showcase what they have learned and manifested in their own words and art.  "

~ Eileen Carr, 4th Grade Teacher Kualapu'u Charter School

Flexible & engaging online curriculum deeply rooted in Hawaiian perspectives

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